Ch Windcastle's Starlet

Champion Windcastle's Starlet

CGC, Therapy Dog DOB: 5-7-99  OFA Good, Patella and CERF Normal, Full
dentition, 14 3/4" tall

Starlet is a clear red, with beautiful crisp white markings and
outstanding temperament.  She finished her championship in three months,
lovingly handled by Brenda Combs of Oklahoma.


Pedigree of Champion Windcastle's Starlet

"SUMO" AM-SCA-RBKC CH Fukuryu Beikokusekiryuso, BISS, ROM
DOB: 12-12-88 Red OFA Excellent, full dentition, patella, CERF and heart normal. Best in Show BSA Specialty-1992, Best Male and BOS, BSA Specialty 1991, Best Puppy BSA Specialty 1989. No 1 Shiba SKC System ll. 9 time Best in Show Winner

Nobumitsu of Komiya Watanabesow
Best Male & Best in Show, Beikoku Shiba Inu Aikokai Specialty, 1988
Kogen of Ryokushinsow
Suzuichime of Hamamidorisow
SCA RBCK CH Fukuhime of Kenwaso
Red OFA Good CERF Clear Best in Show BSA Specialty 1990 and WB and BOS Shiba Ken Club National Specialty 1990.
Fujizakura of Hikari Kaidasow
Aya of Fussaen
Best of Breed & Best Female BSA Spec., 1987
"Starr" CH Windcastle's Blue Loon Starr
DOB: 7-10-96 Red, OFA Good, Patellas and CERF Normal, full dentition
CH Foxtrot High Voltage
Red Sesame, OFA Fair, Patellas Clear and CERF Normal
CH Hansha Remote Control, ROM, HOF
Red Sesame, OFA Fair, CERF normal
T M S Foxtrot Femme Fatale
Red Sesame, OFA Excellent
CH Blue Loon Windcastle's Classic, ROM
DOB: 10-21-94 Black/Tan, OFA Good, Patellas and CERF Normal, full dentition
CH Hansha Power Pack
Black/Tan, OFA Good
CH Blue Mountain's Black Gold, ROM
Black/Tan, OFA Good

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